Keith Wedinger


Keith Wedinger is a Principal Consultant with Improving. He has over 26 years experience architecting, designing, developing and delivering high quality software solutions for several companies including Lexmark, Diebold, Limited Brands, Sterling Commerce and IBM.  He is currently very passionate about architecting and developing mobile app solutions that deliver exceptional ROI to his clients. He has presented at CodeMash, Columbus Code Camp, M3, StirTrek, That Conference and Code PaLOUsa. When not at work, he enjoys craft beer, dining and traveling with his beautiful wife Karen and spending time when he can with his two daughters who are currently away at college.


A Swift introduction to Swift

Swift is Apple's innovative programming language for iOS, watch OS and OS X development. Coupled with Xcode, it is now the ideal way to develop apps for your Apple devices. Instead of pouring through a bunch of slides with code samples sprinkled in, this session will be hands on. Bring your MacBook with Xcode 7 installed and we'll swiftly walk through the Swift syntax using Xcode's Playground. Along the way, we'll cover types, operators, control flow, functions, closures, collections, classes, and error handling. This session is for developers experienced with an object oriented language like Java or C#. Previous experience with Xcode is helpful too but not required.