john dages
John Dages


John is passionate about delivering application solutions for the cloud. John began his career in developing custom solutions and has since worn a number of different hats. From development to process guidance, from strategy to management, John’s entire professional life is delivering value for consulting customers.

Five years ago, John collaborated with a flagship customer on migrating their entire application suite to the cloud and hasn’t looked back since. John has provided cloud strategy and implementation services to customers across the Midwest in industries as disparate as retail, financial services, logistics and energy. John is always seeking new methodologies, tools, and approaches to serve customers on their cloud journey.

John is a PSD, PSM and holds a BA in computer science from DePauw University.


Leveraging the power of public cloud in highly regulated industries

By now, all companies are evaluating what the public cloud can do for their business. However, many organizations in banking, insurance, healthcare, and other highly regulated industries are concerned about the security and compliance components of a public cloud solution. 

In this talk, we will tour how the major cloud providers are solving this issue, focusing on:
• How Amazon and Microsoft approach compliance for high-risk and highly regulated industries
• What compliance certifications have been issued for the major providers
• What solution components are the responsibility of the customer and which are the responsibility of the cloud provider
• Developing architectures for secure and scalable hybrid applications for non-white cloud solutions

The majority of organizations that have migrated workloads to the cloud have found that the solutions are demonstrably more secure. Please join us in learning more about what is available to support you on your regulated cloud journey.