Ian Macnichol


Ian is a consultant at Fusion Alliance, and a developer always looking for a problem to solve.  The introduction of low cost solutions such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino now allow me to bring this problem solving to the physical world


Utilizing IoT with existing enterprise software

If you’re office is anything like mine, then conference room scheduling is an art, not a science.  Sure you booked the “empty” room 10 minutes ago, but upon arrival it’s taken.  Unless you’re the CEO, your requirements meeting just became a stand up requirements meeting.  But what if we could utilize existing software you’re already paying for, and leverage IoT to tell you if that conference room is actually empty.  How about auto reservations if you walk into a room?  Sure there’re systems that do this already, but they can be in the thousands of dollars.  This solution is software you’re already paying for, a raspberry pi, and a handful of other inexpensive parts.