Greg Deckler


Greg is a Director at Fusion Alliance and the Solutions Director for Cloud Services. With over twenty (20) years of experience, Greg excels at assisting Fortune 500 firms with global systems by delivering professional services related to enterprise collaboration, web architecture and design, business process improvement/automation, enterprise architecture, identity management, application development, core infrastructure design and optimization, and project management. Greg has written numerous trade journal articles on business and technical subjects and the book “Achieving Process Profitability, Building the IT Profit Center”. Greg owned and sold a start-up business and is an alumnus of Ferris Research, an industry analyst firm focusing on migrations, collaboration and software as a service (SaaS). This varied experience provides Greg a solid understanding of business principles including marketing, operations, finance and human relations. Greg has served more than one hundred (100) clients nationally, in a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Government, Education, Health Care, Retail, Research, Media, Entertainment and Travel


It's a machines world: Machine learning with Azure ML

Introduces Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, explaining what Azure Machine Learning is and how it functions. Attendees are walked through a real world scenario of building and using a predictive analytics model with Azure Machine Learning. At the end of this session, attendees will understand fundamental Azure Machine Learning terminology, how to build, train and use a predictive analytics model and the key concepts around the various components used within predictive models. Finally, attendees will understand how they can leverage Azure ML within their own applications.