Don Miller


Don Miller is the Principal Consultant of GroundSpeed™.  He has over 20 years of professional experience in addition to the sale of his first program (spaghetti code) at the age of 14.  His broad range of experience makes him very relatable to programmers and system engineers.  He is a crazed social networker within the nerd community, one of the founding partners of Seed Coworking in Toledo.  Don has mastered getting people started on iOS development by curating/teaching classes in the local university, onsite training, and instructing at local, regional, and national conferences.


Unit testing for the efficient Xcode experience

This session will teach the attendee how and why to use unit testing when developing apps.  Apple is constantly updating Xcode, so all of the new features announced at WWDC 2016 will be covered.  This session will also discuss some strategies on code coverage, performance testing, and proper code structure to best test.