Ayan Dave


Ayan Dave is a Director and Java Competency Lead at Fusion Alliance. His roots are in building well engineered systems in the JVM ecosystem and the web. Most recently he enjoys working in the cloud, building micro services and building rich, reusable, functional UI. Ayan has a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Houston Clear Lake and holds PMP, PSM and OCMJEA certifications. He is also a speaker on various topics at local user groups and community events. To learn more about Ayan Dave check out his website http://daveayan.com


The cookie crumbles: Json web tokens to the rescue

The most common way to implement access token in web applications is using cookies. Cookies as access token have served well over the years but they have also contributed to issues with XSRF and CORS requests. As we build applications where web, mobile and micro services come together we need something better than cookies for access token management. Json Web Token (JWT) provides a very compelling alternative and a proven solution. JWT’s help us build applications over multiple stacks, applications that use our own API’s, third party API's, that run in our data center or in the cloud. In this session we will discuss what is JWT, what kind of use cases can be built with JWT and also checkout some coding examples as well.