Andrew Heaton
Andrew Heaton


Andrew Heaton is the founder of Revinity UX, a Detroit-area studio focused on user experience and conceptual design. He is the author of 'Purposely Irregular: Zen, Punk Rock and Ruthlessness in Experience Design' (available on Amazon as paperback or for the Kindle). He's easy to find on Instagram and Twitter (@tigerstripe) or at www.revinity.com.


Rapid prototyping of mobile apps and responsive sites

In this session, Andrew Heaton, author of Purposely Irregular and founder of Revinity Studios will discuss rapid prototyping and show ways of getting a working prototype on a mobile device as fast as possible.

He’ll cover his "Immediate Design" method, using low-fidelity sketches as the first iteration; the use of tools such as InVision, Axure and Adobe’s new CX app; as well as discuss ways to make critique useful in rapid iteration.

This talk will cover rapid prototype techniques for mobile apps and responsive websites.