Michael Meadows
Michael Meadows


Michael has been a professional programmer and architect for thirteen years, and a hacker for much longer. He has served as architect on multiple large-scale, cloud-based Line-of-Business implementation projects. Additionally, Michael has extensive experience building high volume, processor intensive business logic applications using distributed architectures. He is a Director at Fusion Alliance where he is the Enterprise Architecture Competency Manager.


Home automation for hackers: Device Edition

We’re about to witness a perfect storm in the home automation space. Cheap embedded hardware, low power wireless, wearable hardware, and the cloud platforms are all converging in our households to create a sea change in how we experience our homes. The catch: right now everything is proprietary. There are options, however, that are cheap, reliable, and standardized. This session will demonstrate how to use affordable, readily available hardware to automate your own home using sensors, actuators, and internet connected micro-controllers (Arduino).