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Back track to 2010: The M3Conference was inspired by the move towards creating the best mobile technology experiences as users became more aware of what apps and “smart” options could do for them. We wanted to be part of upward mobile movement in a striking way. 2016: We at M3 are struck by the competitive changes and cultural shifts that technologies like wearables and the Internet of Things are inspiring at warp speed. And even more indelibly, we are moved by what might be done with those trends to allow technology to function at a more socially conscious level. We want to honor our mobile roots by asking the best questions at this year’s M3: What trends in Design and Wearables can dynamically improve user experience? How can we extend Design across multiple platforms (mobile, web, social, print, wearables, video, virtual reality) to change the way technology functions on a forward-thinking scale?

If we are the “thinkers’ that create these technologies and the ways in which they might be more elegantly and efficiently designed for a greater good, we at M3 embrace that challenge to connect those thought lines in a dynamic way. If together as “thought leaders” we can make technological decisions that are sustainable, active, and alive via real-time dialogue, perhaps even one idea can spur discovery of something that is truly bleeding-edge: A technology breakthrough that could reinvent our landscape, or better yet, create a new one.

In order to start this dialogue, we at M3 are seeking to engage with you – the movers, the masters, the makers – to thread together a greater matrix of thought by connecting the M3 Conference tracks into one conversation that brings the focal questions forward and acknowledges how data and privacy are affected in the decisions we make as “smart” technologists. 2016 M3’s goal is to correlate the six discussion tracks - Dev Tools, Design, Data, Wearables, Strategy, Internet of Things (IoT) - into overall solutions via stout collaboration groups rather than starting the conversation from the bottom up. And we need you to do that. So we are calling all of the Columbus IT best to start thinking now (Yes, that’s you). What “bleeding-edge” threads might you bring to this year’s M3?

Brand a new landscape in technology. M3. “Where smart minds think smarter.”

Our Vision & Mission

The M3 Conference advances excellence and promotes innovation in technology by engaging, educating and inspiring a diverse range of professionals throughout the United States. The Columbus IT community has a definitive grassroots origin, but has expanded into a thinking community that extends into many regional and national channels. Voted one of the most intelligent cities in the world by the Intelligent Community Form, Columbus has the highest concentration of Fortune 1000 companies in the US. We welcome leading technologists to join in our Columbus’ IT movement by engaging in this year’s M3 discussions.

M3 was founded in 2010 as an intentional movement towards delivering innovative and thought-provoking sessions with an emphasis on mobile technology and the ultimate impact it had on user experience. But has quickly become enveloped in moving the dialogue towards our over-arching goals as technologists, and becoming more aware of how privacy and communications are affected in the decisions we make when envisioning the best designs and functionality. We at M3 are excited about the room for a perspective that utilizes the full potential of our understanding to competitively drive business value while also seeking to improve the world around us. The rise of “connectivity” within the “Internet of Things” coupled with a “smart” perspective towards technology and its solutions can spur our “best” technological efforts.


The Ohio Union

The Union provides dynamic spaces with rooms that are flexible and can be set up to accommodate our unique event. The entire Ohio Union is equipped with state-ofthe-art technology, including more than 90 LCD screens throughout the building. The majority of our meeting rooms and other event spaces feature built-in audio visual equipment such as LCD projectors and projection screens.


Planning Committee

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