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The M3 Conference fosters the creation of technology with the potential to improve the lives of those who use it. 

This Year's Tracks


Sessions dedicated to the art, craft, and science of building beautiful experiences that span mobile, web, and other digital form factors.
| Responsiveness | Experiences | Synergy | Habit-forming Experiences |


Business, marketing, technology, product leadership focused conversations designed to address strategic impact of the rise of distributed smart devices.
| Omni Channel | Mobile Device Management | Mobile Strategies | StartUps |


Technical presentations on the latest tools and approaches available when building web, hybrid, and native device applications.
| Native | X-Plat | Mobile Web | Hybrid | Web Services |


Tactical conversations which cover a landscape of technologies and strategies required to build continuous experiences, which unite user sessions across devices, and the backend services that support them.
| APIs | Services | Minimum Viable Product | Enterprise | Gamification |


Sessions focused on the art of planning and delivering a new world of complex / integrated solutions through mobile, web, wearables, etc.
| Architecture | Marketing | Personal Productivity |



Conversations on what’s new, what works, and ideas on where technology is headed.
| Wearables | Automation | Digital UX | Auto | iBeacon |


This annual premier conference is a must-attend event for professionals around the world looking to make mobile an indispensible part of the business and consumer side of products and services.
- Tim Hibner, President
M3 Conference
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