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JOIN US August 5th, 2016

This Year's Tracks


Focus on the latest mobile app development technologies, paradigms and tooling.

Native Hybrid JavaScript X-Platform


Focus on the art and science of building beautiful experiences across devices.

UX Responsiveness Prototyping Tools Synergy


Focus on delivering mobile experiences through solid data management strategies.

Architecture Cloud On-Premises Services APIs Integrated Solutions


Focus on tactical conversations around mobile experiences and delivery.

Marketing Productivity Business Workflows Startups Mobile Tactics

Wearables Tracktrack-wearables


Focus on latest wearables and technologies empowering experiences.

SmartWatches Fitness Developer Tooling


Internet of Things (IoT)

Focus on the proliferation of intelligent devices enhancing our digital lives.

Sensors Communications Automations


This annual premier conference is a must-attend event for professionals around the world looking to make mobile an indispensible part of the business and consumer side of products and services.
- Tim Hibner, President
M3 Conference


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